Injured at work? Here is what you should do next.

Injured at work? Here is what you should do next.

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Businesses, both big and small, are the economic backbone of South Florida and employ millions of people from Miami north to Palm Beach and west to Naples/Ft. Myers. And of those millions of employees, many find themselves in the unfortunate position of being injured at work with little understanding of what to do next.


An injury at your job can be severely disruptive while causing a tremendous amount of stress both personally and professionally. That’s why it’s critically important to take the correct steps in order to preserve your workers comp claim.

Our experienced Florida worker’s compensation attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen have handled hundreds of claims and we’ve compiled a short list of the top five things you should do if you’re injured at work. The list is simply a guide, but if you are injured on the job, you should always contact a worker’s compensation attorney for assistance.

5 Steps to Take After Suffering an Injury at Work:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention based on your injuries. Document all your injuries and treatments.
  2. While we certainly hope you would call our experienced team of workers comp attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen, it’s important to get legal representation regardless of which attorney you choose.
  3. After you have received medical treatment, make sure to document your accident and the events leading up to it in writing. Provide copies to your employer along with copies of your medical treatment and ongoing treatment plan.
  4. Follow your doctor’s advice and inform your employer of any recommendations that require you to miss work.
  5. Before you provide any statements to your insurance company or additional correspondence with your employer, speak to your attorney first. However, pay close attention to the guidelines your employer provides because if you do not follow the, you run the risk of losing your benefits.

If you or someone you care about has been injured or involved in an accident at work across South Florida and Southwest Florida, contact the workers compensation lawyers and personal injury attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen at 239-793-3331 or 305-374-1011, or visit fairnessforall, for an absolutely free and confidential legal consultation to learn more about your options.

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