Don’t Let this Holiday Season be Deadly

Don’t Let this Holiday Season be Deadly

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The holidays are some of the most congested travel days of the year. We’re eager to get home to spend time with loved ones and it’s inevitable that we’ll bear witness to several accidents while on the road.  Unfortunately, with an increase in distracted drivers rushing off to holiday celebrations, this time of the year is also one of the deadliest when it comes to traffic accidents.


Before heading out to a holiday celebration, help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road and prepared for emergencies by following these simple travel safety tips.


  • Prepare your Vehicle: make sure your car has a full tank of gas and all the fluids are topped off. Also think about packing an emergency kit with first aid supplies, water and food in case of an accident or breakdown.
  • Get some Rest: travelling can be stressful, even if you plan ahead. Drowsiness is one of the leading causes of the accidents on the road. Make sure you are well rested for the safety of you and others.
  • Drive Sober: it’s simple – drinking and driving doesn’t mix. Drunk driving accidents increase around the holidays. Always stay sober behind the wheel and use a designated driver or a ride-sharing program to get you where you need to go.
  • Limit Distractions: it’s tempting to pick up your phone, send a quick message or post a status update – but leave the phone in your pocket. Keep your eyes on the road and off your screen.
  • Share your Plans: let friends and loved ones know about your plans, estimated time of arrival and where you are going.


As we enter the holiday season, make sure to plan ahead and make the proper arrangements before heading out on the road. It’s the safest thing you can do for yourself and family.


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