Founding Partner Judson Cohen Argues in front of the Florida Supreme Court

Founding Partner Judson Cohen Argues in front of the Florida Supreme Court

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It’s not every day as an attorney in South Florida that you get to argue in front of the Supreme Court of Florida. But for Weinstein & Cohen Founding Partner Judson Cohen, he got to do exactly that. As Chair of the Florida Bar Rules Judicial Administration Committee (RJAC), Cohen appeared before the Florida Supreme Court this week to argue on behalf of changing a Florida legal rule as it pertains to the computation of time for response.


Essentially, the proposed amendment would eliminate “or email” from the caption and body of Rule 2.514 and 2.516 which currently adds 5 days to any period commenced by service “made by mail or email.” Given the acceptance and reliability of email as a primary form of communication, the RJAC believes there is no longer a need to treat service by email the same as service by traditional U.S. Mail for the purposes of calculating the time for a response.


Typically the court will issue a ruling within about 30 days and we’ll have to wait and see what the ruling is. To watch the entire proceedings, please click here.


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