How Lawyers Work: Judson Cohen, Personal Injury Attorney and Treadmill Desk Enthusiast

How Lawyers Work: Judson Cohen, Personal Injury Attorney and Treadmill Desk Enthusiast

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In this week’s edition of How Lawyers Work, we talked to Judson Cohen, founding partner of Weinstein & Cohen, P.A., a personal injury and wrongful death specialty law firm.

You can follow Judson on LinkedIn and through the firm’s Facebook page.


What apps or tools are essential to your daily work?

  • I can’t live without Abacus Law. It’s an awesome and powerful case management and document management software system that helps us simplify operations without letting something fall through the cracks. It allows us to link documents, emails, photos, etc. to cases we’re working on with individuals involved in those cases. And of course I can’t live without email.


What does your workspace look like?

  • My primary desk is always clean. I like having that space to spread out and work. However, I have a crowded on-deck area (my couch), which is where files and boxes are stored. But I do a considerable amount of work on my treadmill desk. I’m not running at a marathon pace, but a gentle walk keeps my blood flowing and mind constantly turning.


How do you keep track of your calendar?

  • I keep track of my calendar with the Abacus Law database. And I’m old school in the sense that I make a folder for every single event I’m going to.


What’s your coffee setup?

  • We have 5 coffee machines in the office. This place runs on coffee. We have everything from espresso to K-Cups. Personally, I like my coffee with cream and no sugar. And I always have a cortadito when we go out for lunch – we’re in South Florida after all.


What is one thing that you listen to/read/watch that everyone should?

  • South Park. It’s still some of the best satire and political commentary out there even after being on the air for so long.


Where is your favorite place to work outside the office?

  • The Dade County Law Library. I still love looking up case law in the old books despite all the technology I have at my fingertips.


What are three things you do without fail every day?

  • Review my upcoming appointments for the day
  • Go through my entire inbox of email
  • Listen to an audiobook on my drive to and from the office

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