Pain & Suffering Claims Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Pain & Suffering Claims Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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In today’s “new normal” world, victims are not only confronted with the pain and suffering of their injury, but also by the anxiety, uncertainty and fear of whether treatment is obtainable either at the hospital or through a local orthopedic’s office. There are also legitimate concerns regarding medical disability payments because of so much unemployment and job disruption.


As such, it’s possible that personal injury cases may also need to factor in additional pain and suffering compensation caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s become increasingly harder to access doctors who are available for non-coronavirus cases and each time you do receive treatment in a clinical or hospital setting, you face a higher risk for COVID-19 exposure or infection. Unfortunately, too many injury victims are suffering right now without treatment and this is compounded by the anxiety of not knowing when life will return to some semblance of normalcy.


Financial insecurity, the well-being of loved ones and isolation can also lead to increased anxiety and even depression. These factors can become compounded by lack of available treatment from a variety of circumstances such as traffic accidents, medical malpractice, assisted living neglect, and premise liability, among other personal injury circumstances.  Our attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen are now routinely discussing the multifaceted effects that coronavirus has layered on their injuries with both new and existing clients.


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