Telemedicine Adds New Dimensions to Miami and Naples Personal Injury Law

Telemedicine Adds New Dimensions to Miami and Naples Personal Injury Law

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In the new world of Coronavirus, a major challenge for accident or personal injury victims is safely getting treatment for injuries. At Weinstein & Cohen, we’re using our heavy investment in technology over the last decade to provide an innovative solution for clients that are faced with this treatment hurdle. Instead of sending clients for in-person medical care, we are working with a group of leading physicians across Florida and around the country to implement telemedicine via private and secure video conferencing. By doing so, we’re delivering the immediate care that so many victims need while avoiding an increased risk of infection.


The idea of telemedicine is not new, but with the onset of “safer at home” orders across our cities and state, it is certainly becoming more prevalent. The secure connection allows a doctor to fully examine a patient, review medical history and even conduct a physical examination. While it may seem implausible since there is no physical contact between physician and patient, there are well established governing protocols that allow a doctor to test range of motion, note limitations and complaints of pain, and even observe spasms in order to make a diagnosis with a high degree of accuracy. Based on this evaluation, a doctor can then also determine if the patient needs to have additional testing done such as an MRI, bloodwork, etc.


Early indications are that there is a high satisfaction rate for both the patients and doctors who use telemedicine. Patients are able to attend these sessions from the comfort of their home, do not have to wait in a hospital or doctor’s office, and receive the direct one-on-one attention they would typically receive in an office visit. Furthermore, physicians are prescribing teletherapy as a means of helping a patient restore range of motion and strength without having to enter a rehab or physical therapy center.


As attorneys, we are always concerned with our client’s health and well-being. We understand there is a heightened, often debilitating anxiety caused by the multiple stress points they now face during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this makes it even more important to keep up regular doctor visits while maintaining their physical therapy. When there is a lapse in treatment, insurance companies often raise that defense suggesting that the injury was not that serious or did not require treatment. Telemedicine and teletherapy with required medical documentation are preventing Weinstein & Cohen clients from being taken advantage of.

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