How can you Recover Lost Wages After a Florida car Accident?

How can you Recover Lost Wages After a Florida car Accident?

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Let’s face it – a car accident is stressful. Vehicle damage, injuries, medical bills and insurance companies are just some of things that may involve your immediate attention. And if your injuries are severe enough and prohibit you from working, bills will certainly start and pile up.


So what exactly does “Lost Wages” mean? It’s essentially the difference between the amount of income an injured person makes before and after an accident. Accordingly, Florida law provides for two different types of compensation in Naples, Florida personal injury case – lost wages and lost earning capacity.


For those who experience a loss of income after a motor vehicle accident, the injured part can recover from the insurance company 60 percent of any loss of gross income and loss or earning capacity per individual. Additionally, if your injury was due the negligence of another driver, then that driver’s insurance may be obligated to pay the remaining 40 percent of your loss of income as a result of the accident.


Remember, if you are involved in an accident in your vehicle, then your personal car insurance carrier is required to make a payment to you for your loss on income or earning capacity. Furthermore, if you are a passenger, and the driver caused the accident, then you can make a claim under the driver’s bodily injury coverage as well as a personal injury protection (PIP) claim under that policy.


Now each insurance company has its own specific process for determining and allocating loss of income. If you want to receive compensation, you’ll need to provide these requirements:


  • Proof of gross income in the form of a W2, paycheck or paystub
  • Proof of medical injuries that prevent you from working
  • Proof of wage and salary must be completed by your employer and provided to the insurance carrier


Recovering lost wages can be stressful and an experienced Naples personal injury attorney can guide you through the process. Weinstein & Cohen has been handling car accident cases across Southwest Florida for over 30 years. We understand how big and small insurance companies work. If you or someone you care about has been injured or involved in vehicle accident in Southwest Florida, contact the Naples accident attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen at 239-793-3331 or 305-374-1011, or visit fairnessforall, for an absolutely free and confidential legal consultation to learn more about your options.

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