Who is at fault in a Naples, Florida parking lot accident?

Who is at fault in a Naples, Florida parking lot accident?

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Car accidents happen every day in parking lots across Collier County and Southwest Florida. Most parking lot accidents occur at low speeds and don’t typically cause massive damage. However, determining fault in these types of incidents can be tricky. It can be difficult for drivers to understand who has the right of way, which is an important factor in determining liability.


So let’s take a closer look at “Right of Way” and why it matters.  Traffic lights, stop signs and other directional indicators help drivers anticipate what other drivers might do. The “Right of Way” applies to the driver that expedites the flow of traffic the greatest. For example, when you’re in the turn lane of have a green turn arrow, you have the right of way to turn. At a four-way stop, most drivers typically follow the “first come, first served” rule of the road.


The problem with parking lots is that most do feature traffic signals and there are relatively few stop signs and designated turning lanes. Generally vehicles traveling in the through lanes have the right of way meaning that if a driver pulls out from a parking space and collides with a car traveling in the through lane, the driver that left the parking space will likely absorb the fault.


Other accidents that happen regularly in parking lots are when drivers are attempting to park. Sometimes drivers pull in too quickly or back out without properly checking all angles in order to safely maneuver out of a space. In general, it’s always better to err on the side of caution when either pulling into or out of a space.


Fault can play a crucial role in a parking lot accident and determining that fault may require the analysis of security footage, dash cam data or reviewing witness statements. At fault drivers are responsible for the damages they cause. Thankfully, most parking lot cases typically result in only minor damage, but even those can aggravate pre-existing injuries or in the worst of circumstances result in catastrophic damages to life and property.


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