Naples Drivers Face Dangers Around Road Construction

Naples Drivers Face Dangers Around Road Construction

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Collier County and Florida work zones pose dangers for drivers and workers alike when motorists do not heed caution signs or take the proper care when passing through them. Did you know that accidents in a work zone tend to have a higher rate of fatality than other types of crashes? Even though counties in Florida and Southwest Florida have taken action to protect workers in these construction zones, there are still an elevated number of fatalities each year. Florida drivers may not simply be paying enough attention when they pass through our numerous construction zones.

Work zones along Tamiami Trail, I-75 and the countless other corridors around our region present a number of increased dangers for both drivers and the people working in them. Narrowed lanes and shifts in traffic patterns can cause serious accidents when drivers are distracted or speeding.

While construction workers certainly face danger in these work zones, it’s actually drivers that suffer the most fatalities on highway construction accidents. Florida law prohibits speeding in a work zone, whether construction workers are present or not. There are significant penalties for speeding through these construction zones and with these harsh fines, you would hope they would be enough of a deterrent to reckless driving. Unfortunately, the statistics of work zone accidents tell a different reality.

One of the major problems that cause these types of accidents is that drivers do not see the signs alerting them to reduce their speed. Combine this with distracted driving and it’s a recipe for trouble.

So how can you stay safe in a road work area?

Florida drivers need to use extra care and attention in a construction zone. These tips below can possibly mean the difference between arriving safely or having your trip end in tragedy.

  • Notice and observe posted signs.
  • Slow down inside construction zones.
  • Drive alert.
  • Pay extra close attention.
  • Watch for changing traffic patterns.

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