Five Defense Driving Tips to Keep you Safer in Naples, FL

Five Defense Driving Tips to Keep you Safer in Naples, FL

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It’s not surprising to learn that most Southwest Florida car accidents occur due to driver negligence. Excessive speeding, distracted driving, missed red lights are all contributors. Did you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute (III), 90 people die and another 6,337 people are injured in motor vehicle crashes every day.

Most accidents can be prevented.  You drive safely, but you can’t control how other drivers behave or react. To reduce your chances of being in an accident, it helps to drive defensively. Some defensive driving tips include:

Don’t Predict

Never assume that other motorists will make the safe decision. You can’t control their conduct, but you’re in control of how you react. 

Stay Focused

When you’re behind the wheel, the only thing you should be focused on is driving safely. Eliminate all other distractions so you’re able to better react because even a split-second matters. 

3-4 Second Rule

Experts emphasize that it takes about 3-4 seconds for your vehicle to come to a complete stop when you hit the brakes. If you’re moving too fast, that time frame shrinks. 

Understand Common Risks

It’s simple, but effective. Give large trucks and commercial vehicles plenty of room, steer clear of people driving erratically, and keep a lookout for cyclists and pedestrians.

Use Your Turn Signals

Again, simple but effective. Your turn signal helps others anticipate your upcoming move.

Hopefully you can utilize these and other defensive driving techniques to reduce the chance of getting into an accident across Naples and Southwest Florida. 

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