What Naples Businesses Should do to Limit Injuries

What Naples Businesses Should do to Limit Injuries

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Slip and falls, elevator or escalator accidents, falling objects – these are just a few of the many examples of something that can happen to you when visiting a shop, store or restaurant across Naples, FL. Most times you simply walk in, and walk out, like you always do. However, every year shopping malls, retail stores, hotels and other businesses across Southwest Florida fail to properly maintain their establishments putting you and your loved ones at potential risk.

As a customer or patron, you have every right to seek compensation against the owners or managers of a property if you are injured because of an unsafe or poorly maintained environment. According to Florida premise liability laws, property owners have a responsibility to make reasonable efforts to prevent accidents and failure to do so may count as negligence and give rise to liability.

Businesses are the backbone of our country, but they have an obligation to earn money while taking reasonable steps to keep their customers safe.  As a paying customer, what are the things you should be looking out for when visiting a commercial establishment to ensure they are doing all they can to protect you?


Preventing Slip-and-Fall Injuries 

Did you know that nearly 1 million people a year are hospitalized due to fall injuries? Most slip-and-fall accidents occur in commercial establishments.  There are easy steps that would help Southwest Florida businesses avoid slip and fall injuries to their customers.  Businesses that are doing things the right way should undertake these steps to reduce falls:

  1. Regularly inspect carpets for tears that may cause slip-and-falls.


  1. Quickly and clearly mark wet floors with appropriate signs until a proper cleanup can be completed.


  1. Inspect and maintain tiled and paved walkways on and around the property.


  1. Inspect the property for standing water that may result in slippery mold.


Inspect for Other Dangerous Conditions

While slip-and-falls are the most common type of injury that can lead to premise liability claims, they are certainly not the only ones. Businesses across Naples, FL need to make sure they are preventing other kinds of dangerous conditions by regularly checking the following:

  1. Ensure buildings remain up to date with all fire and life safety code requirements.


  1. Create a schedule of regular inspections to ensure the premises remain in good and safe condition.


  1. Regularly inspect sidewalks to remove debris, raised edges and dangerous gaps.


  1. Develop and implement strict rules of safety to prevent crime, vandalism, and dangerous crowds.


We all support local businesses, but we want businesses to earn money while taking the steps needed to protect employees and customers from any dangerous condition that may cause injuries.  Failure to be diligent in this regard may result in life altering injuries.

Our experienced Naples accident attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen will put your priorities first. If you or someone you care about has been injured or involved in an accident across Southwest Florida, contact the accident lawyers and Naples personal injury attorneys at Weinstein & Cohen at 239-793-3331 or visit fairnessforall.com for an absolutely free legal consultation to learn more about your options.

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